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The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming For All Breeds presents the broad repertoire of the dog groomer’s art for the pleasure and enlightenment of each reader. Comprehensive and comprehensible, this is the widest-ranging work ever on canine beauty culture. Here is the history and development of dog grooming from the starting to its present sophisticated state. Here are the Basics and the Tricks of the Trade the little secrets that make the big difference in the finished product.

The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming For All Breeds includes grooming instruction for all 125 AKC recognized breeds, mixed breeds and even cats! There are chapters on equipment, putting in place a shop and developing a thriving grooming business. This reliable guidance shows the right way to get the most out of a grooming business and steer clear of the pitfalls at the same time. Dozens of Specialty clubs have contributed show grooming sections for their breeds, and hundreds of to-the-point photos, drawings and charts show what the authors say as they say it.

The graphic value of the Stone Guide fully matches the expert text. Whether you are an established groomer, a grooming student, an owner who wants to groom the circle of relatives dog or a hobbyist looking for information at the professional side of dog grooming, you can find the Stone Guide a constant, indispensable reference for each question you can ever have at the subject.


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