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Very Durable Dog Toy
Use with KONG treats and KONG Ziggies
Keeps dogs busy and helps deter misbehavior

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WORLD’S BEST DOG TOY! Now being used around the world by police K-9, drug enforcement, and military K-9. Supervised use is strongly really useful for power chewers! KONG STUFF’N treats and pastes work great to initiate play sessions. Kongs are proudly made in america by people who know and love dogs. Kong’s performance and durability is legendary. We set the usual for rubber pet toys.

Most domestic dogs wouldn’t have to work for food. In nature, on the other hand, dogs are predatory meat-eaters. Hunting for food is physically and intellectually challenging. The hunt is their work. Success on the job ends up in a well-earned paycheck – their meal. Eating meat off the bone satisfies their hunger, exercises their jaw muscles and keeps their teeth and gums clean. Depriving dogs of their natural drives can result in serious behavioral issues including: over the top barking, destructive chewing, soiling, digging and separation anxiety. Dogs Need KONGS! – Kongs are widely used for therapy and prevention of boredom, separation anxiety and other behavioral issues. Regular use of Kongs can also strengthen oral health. Their unpredictable bounce lures most dogs into a game of chase, catch and chew. The hollow center will also be filled with food and treats. A dab of peanut butter spread around the inside is very effective.

Extra-small ‘ for dogs under 5 pounds
Small ‘ for dogs up to 20 pounds
Medium ‘ for dogs 15-35 pounds
Large ‘ for dogs 30-65 pounds
Extra-large ‘ for dogs 60-90 pounds
XX-large ‘ for dogs over 85 pounds
Very Durable Dog Toy
Use with KONG treats and KONG Ziggies
Keeps dogs busy and helps deter misbehavior
Made in america of nontoxic, extremely durable natural rubber

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