Hedgehogs: The Essential Guide to Ownership & Care for Your Pet (Hedgehog Care)

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From the weather predictors of the Roman Empire to the croquet balls in Alice in Wonderland, hedgehogs have captivated our imaginations during history. Yet as pets, hedgehogs have only grow to be popular in the previous few decades—which is a shame, considering how playful and affectionate they are able to be. Hedgehogs are hearty and low-maintenance pets. As their popularity in the pet trade has increased so, too, has the available knowledge about the animal, and today it’s easier than ever to keep a pet hedgehog happy and healthy. A hedgehog can fit into almost any way of life. Whether you wish to have a furry friend to make your apartment feel less lonely or you’re a family with cats and dogs that wants to add something new, the hedgehog will quickly burrow its way into your heart. In this book, you’ll learn what sort of cage you wish to have to buy, how to socialize the animal to your touch, and how to monitor its interactions with other pets, in addition to the entire basics of food, cleaning, and handling you’ll wish to know to keep your hedgehog healthier longer. Hedgehogs are active and inquisitive creatures, and having one as a pet means having tons of play time to look forward to. This book will show you how to keep up with the animal’s high exercise demands, and how to assess and work with your individual hedgehog’s unique personality. You’ll learn which toys and treats they especially love, what things to avoid, and how to co-ordinate a nocturnal animal’s ideal schedule with your day to day activities. With their quilled backs and unique behaviors, it’s easy to see why people think of hedgehogs as an exotic pet. This book will help make the exotic familiar, allowing you to add a touch of the wild to your own home.

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