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Ball Python Care: The Complete Guide to Taking good care of and Keeping Ball Pythons as Pets Here at Pet Care Professionals we are passionate about pet care. As a brand we have a strong idea of what makes up a good pet care book. We consult with a couple of experts in each animals field to allow us to create a book filled with cumulative opinions and best practices. The experts we consult range from veterinarians to each day pet keepers who have had years of experience Taking good care of the specific animal each book is on. Our aim, and mission, is to produce the most productive imaginable pet care books that are a great value for money. This care manual will instruct you on the most productive practices for Taking good care of a Ball Python. The Ball Python (scientifically named Python Regius) is a species that originates from sub-Saharan Africa. The name is based upon the truth that the animal has a tendency to curl itself into a ball when under attack, stressed or frightened. The species is also commonly referred to as the Royal Python. The name Royal Python anecdotally comes from the truth that African royalty would wear Ball Pythons around their necks as a form of living jewelry. Like other pythons, the Ball Python is a non-venomous constrictor. Ball Pythons are common house hold pets as a result of their moderately small size, docile temperament and the truth that they’re non-venomous. Tags: Ball python, royal python, african python, ball pythons, royal pythons, african python, python vivarium, vivarium, python feeding, ball python feeding, royal python feeding, ball python care, royal python care, ball python keeper, royal python keeper, guice, care, manual, snake, snakes, Herpetology, herp

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