Simple Programming of the Crown Majestic Pet Feeder

Simplistic Programming

It’s easy to get started with our pet feeder, programming your feeding times is only a few clicks away with equal hour feeding schedules.

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Multiple Pet Feeding Times

4x Feeding Times

With the Crown Majestic Pet Feeder you can schedule up to 4 feeding times per day

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4.4lbs of Dry Food Capacity

Large Capacity

Our pet feeder can hold up to 4.4lbs of dry food when used with the hopper extension.

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Water Dispenser attachment

Detachable Water Bottle Assembly

Right out of the box our pet feeder comes with a water bowl and bottle. However the water unit is optional and does not need to be attached for feeder to be functional.

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Voice recorder so you can call your pet for dinner even when you are not at home

Record yourself !

You can record up to a 12 second message that will be played back for your pets every time food is dispensed

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Power Requirements

The pet feeder is powered by either 4xAA batteries, a 6V power power adapter (included), or both used together as a back up for each other. 

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Pet safe ABS and Stainless steel materials

Pet Friendly Construction

We have gone through great efforts to ensure that our pet feeder is constructed using only pet friendly ABS materials and stainless steel

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Food protector is now included with every pet feeder

Food Chute Protection

Some pets can get their paws into anything. With this in mind, we have designed the Crown Majestic Pet Feeder with a protective chute guard that will stop pets from getting into the food hopper.

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Works with Prescription Kibble

Disc Type Prescription Kibble

If your cat or dog requires Disc-Type prescription kibble you can rest assured that we have designed our feeder to work perfectly with it and it will not jam.   

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