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The (Diamond Series V 2) by Crown Majestic is our latest Automatic Pet Feeder.

Available Now for ordering!

Sale Price: $64.99

  • Programmed to automatically dispense 1/4;  1/2;  3/4;  1 and 2 cups of dry food in equal time intervals
  • Up to four automatic feeding times per day
  • Detachable water bottle, drinking bowl and extended grain container for easy cleaning
  • Backlit LCD display of time and number of Quarts per meal
  • Operated by 4 AA size batteries - Main Power Source (not included)
  • AC 6V power adapter (included)
  • 12 seconds of recorded message when food is dispensed
  • Low battery indicator
  • Socially responsible, safe and non-poisonous
  • Gravity water dispenser
  • Spill proof bottle to replenish water supply.  Bottled water (recommended) – free from bacterial and other contaminants
  • Anti tipping unit – stable in position
  • Operable with or without water assembly
  • Very simple installation – no tools required
  • Snap on protective guard to safeguard pets with tiny paws from retrieving grain, is currently available (free of charge) by direct request through our website
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs

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